Tuesday May 14, 2019

Adam Hansen

Burley Rotary Club President 2019-2020 Burley Rotary


Introduced by: Adam Hansen

Our club held its first planning session for our 100-year anniversary.

It was decided by those in attendance to have our 100-year celebration as a formal event to be held at the Best Western Conference Center.

  • DATE: November 6th (Wednesday)
  • LOCATION: Best Western Conference Center
  • DINNER: tbd
  • PROGRAM: tbd

Other ideas discussed:

  • Slideshow featuring club members, events, history, etc.
  • Member of our district to attend
  • Commendation from Governor
  • Keynote speaker ideas
  • Possible buffet vs served dinner
  • Invite with tickets or RSVP to go out to all past members, neighboring Rotary clubs, past presidents, spouses or family members of distinguished rotary members or deceased members.
  • Highlights of past members or presidents/club officials.
  • Website to start gathering photos, clippings, etc.
  • Newspaper articles to be gathered from library

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