Tuesday May 7, 2019

Keegan Duncan

Declo High School

Keegan Duncan

Introduced by: James Shank

Keegan spoke about his career of playing sports for Declo High School and the opportunities that he had.  “I wouldn’t have done anything different” he said when asked about his decision to play for Declo, a 2A school.

At one point he considered attending a larger High School which would possibly gain him more visibility and a bigger audience to show his athleticism and his competitiveness. He even spent some time practicing with Minico players. After much consideration and input from others he stayed with Declo and helped lead his team to two back to back championships. In the end he felt that “if you work hard enough, you can succeed wherever you are at.”

Keegan was recruited early by Boise State and had a great relationship with the coaching staff there. His decision to sign with Boise State was “the right decision” despite being considered by Pac 12 teams and many other local teams including BYU, Montana, and Idaho State.

Equally impressive to Keegan’s accomplishments on the field were his accomplishments off the field. His GPA puts him among the top ranking of his graduating class and he is active in many other programs. He is a great role model for many youth in the area and a motivating example of what you can do if you are willing to work hard enough.

The Burley Rotary Club commends Keegan for all that he has accomplished and continues to do. We wish you the best of luck at Boise State and look forward to watching your career.

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