Tuesday May 7, 2024

Josh Holladay

Bye-polar. Hello Life.

In 2005, at age 23, Josh arrived home after 10 days in the Sacramento Mental Health treatment center. They told him he had Bipolar which launched him into an immediate identity crisis. However, with a wife of 2 years and a 1 year old son, Josh had to decide whether to GIVE IN OR TO GET GOING. He decided to do the best he could with what he had and this is his story.

He speaks about Overcoming Mental and Emotional Challenges like Bipolar and how to flourish and thrive. In Josh’s speeches the audience will learn how to become self-aware, understand themselves better, and focus on creating a foundation that is theirs and no one else’s. Josh’s message, along with the original songs that he adds to his stories, will help your people feel more hope and walk away with a better understanding of what there next step is.


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