Lunch Attendance and Selection


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Member NameMenu SelectionBeverage SelectionOther InstructionsDate Recorded
Adam Hansen Diet Coke Fries. Banana Cream October 25, 2021
Ben Nelson Diet Orange Fanta Fries; No mayo; Pie = Coconut Cream October 25, 2021
Brooks Corbridge Strawberry Lemonade October 26, 2021
Chimene Smith coke half southwest salad - tomato soup - cherry pie October 26, 2021
Gail Bulzomi Water No bun, fries October 26, 2021
Guest diet coconut cream October 26, 2021
Guest Water For burger: no seasoning, no mayo, no tomato, no pickles. French fries with no seasoning; Pie = Peanut Butter Silk. October 25, 2021
Jerri Tegan Water with Lemon Tomato Soup (No fries), Lemon Meringue to go October 26, 2021
John V Evans Diet Coke October 26, 2021
Kevin Smith Coke Chocolate Silk October 26, 2021
Paul Lyons Dr Pepper October 26, 2021
Robert Squire water October 26, 2021
Stephanie Curtis diet side salad instead of fries October 26, 2021
Sydney Morgan Coke No peppers or tomato October 26, 2021